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Welcome to We Are SO Photo!

We Are SO Photo is an online hub for photography tutorials, Lightroom retouching tips, videos, on-location reports, product reviews and interviews. The website was initially set up as a simple outlet for its founders Stuart Tree and Oliver Pohlmann – hence the ‘SO’ in ‘We Are SO Photo’. As professional photographers, We Are SO Photo provided us both with a platform through which we could not only showcase our work and talk about our passion for photography in more detail, but also give back to a photography community from which we have taken so much over the years.

In the relatively short time We Are SO Photo has been around, we have received an overwhelming response from you, our awesome audience. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are ways through which you can easily access our latest content, so with a quick ‘Like’ and a ‘Follow’ you too can join our ever-increasing community.

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What’s more, Oliver has taken to creating video content on our YouTube channel – so head over there now to subscribe and join Oliver as he walks you through tutorials, retouching, product reviews, on-location reports and life as a professional photographer in his regular vlogs.


Oliver Pohlmann

Deciding to build a career for myself as a freelance photographer in London is the best choice I’ve ever made. From that initial day, I made a promise to myself to fully-utilise this valuable opportunity. For me, this means becoming a respected photographer and voice within the global photography community – one from which I’ve taken so much over the years. These goals will take time to fulfil, but nothing has motivated me more.

I specialise in interior and architectural photography having spent many years also working in commercial advertising photography. My proudest achievements are being announced as finalists in both the 2014 Hasselblad Masters and 2013 Professional Photographer Of The Year awards – two of the most prestigious awards in the photography industry.

My career as a photographer is something I am very proud of. Click here to visit my personal photography website.

You can also join my growing audience of 10,000 followers on Instagram where I post all of my latest luxury real-estate images. Simply click the Instagram camera icon below!



Stuart Tree

Photography is my biggest passion. From the moment I bought my first pocket-sized digital camera to my very first DSLR (which I still own to this day), I’ve always loved the creativity of taking photos.

My other passion of football, enabled me to combine the two and I’ve worked hard to become an established sports photographer. I’m the official snapper for the world-famous Corinthian-Casuals Football Club and my pictures have been featured in local and national publications and discussed on BBC radio.

Whatever the reason, whatever the location, if I have my camera with me on an assignment, I’m happy. Join me on Instagram by clicking the camera icon below!



We hope you enjoy what we offer here on We Are SO Photo.

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