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It’s less than 24 hours since you accepted your fiancé’s proposal and already you’re feeling a little stressed, albeit excited, about the sheer volume of planning that lies ahead of you.

Your wedding day is one of, if not the, biggest days of your life. Your wedding photography will be the most prominent and longest-lasting investments of that day, so we’re here to ensure you make the right choices when choosing your wedding photographer.

Don’t Delay

The best wedding photographers get booked up well over a year in advance. By not starting your search early, you’re eliminating a lot of your choices. Set aside a couple of hours one evening and start searching the internet. Make a shortlist of potential photographers whose portfolios you like, and fire off some emails to check their availability on your big day.

Surrey Wedding Photographer

View Their Work

Are they actually any good? This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many wedding couples end up dissatisfied with their final photography because they didn’t critique the photographer’s work thoroughly enough beforehand. There are some truly amazing wedding photographers out there within your budget, but unfortunately there are also many more who should focus on another career. Don’t fall foul to seeing a photo of a bride and thinking ‘that’ll do’. If their wedding photography doesn’t make you say ‘wow’, keep looking.

Cost vs Quality

Don’t assume that because you’re spending £2000 you’re getting a top photographer. This isn’t always the case unfortunately. I’ve seen stunning wedding photography from photographers who only charge £500 for a full day’s work. Quite often these are up-and-coming photographers who will work twice as hard and produce better work in order to build their reputation.

Surrey Wedding Photographer

Pick a Duo

A wedding photographer will work in the region of 14 hours on your big day. That’s a lot of pressure and work for one person to undertake. Some of the best wedding photographers work as a duo with another professional or an assistant. It normally leads to better photography and better coverage on your big day. Ask them if they work alone or as part of a team.

Be Critical of Personal Recommendations

Be careful of taking your friend’s photographer(s) just because they turned up on their day and took photos. They all do that. Make sure, if you are recommended a photographer, that you critique their photos as you would any other wedding photographer. Reassurance that they deliver the service they promise is great peace-of-mind, but make sure their photography impresses you also.

Surrey Wedding Photographer

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Author – Oliver Pohlmann

Photography – SO Wedding Photography

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