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In this tutorial, Oliver shows you his technique for blending a 5-shot HDR together with a flash exposure, creating a much more pleasing result than just using flash or HDR alone.

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  1. Glen Leeming says:

    Hi I love your work ,just wondering if you use LR Enfuse or do you recommend also using photoshop and not just Lightroom.

    Cheers mate.Im a wedding photographer since the mid 80s I’m 43yd now and trying to get into real estate photography.My skills in Lr & Ps are beginner standard unfortunately.Can you give me a tip on basic set up of Lr and Ps or any plugins i should use.Cheers
    Glen Leeming

  2. Kimberly Layden says:

    I’m looking to buy a flash for my camera, maybe even a couple of stand alone flashes too. Any recommendations? Thanks

    • Oliver Pohlmann says:

      Try some of the asian-market flashes available on Amazon – Aperlite, Neweer. If they don’t suit your needs, stick with Canon/Nikon/Sony etc.

  3. great information, I’ve been trying to incorporate a flash with HDR and add the flash shot in the HDR group and then run it through photomatix.
    Did you bounce the flash off of the ceiling or wall or just straight head?

  4. Oliver Pohlmann says:

    Hi Marina. As a starting point, f/6.3, ISO 320, shutter speed set for a balance between good internal exposure and window exposure (in aperture priority mode start with the exposure meter at 0). Flash between 1/4 and 1/2 power.

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