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A walk-through of the solution to the Adobe Lightroom error message ‘File or Folder Could Not Be Found’. This occurs when the original source file has been moved to a new location after the Lightroom catalog has been created. It’s a simple task to point Lightroom to the new file location or to simply move the files to where Lightroom is currently looking for them.

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  1. Marina Hatfield says:

    I am having a hard time accessing my presets in the develop module. They are all greyed out and there is a message in the middle of the screen that says “The folder could not be found.” My account is active and signed in so I am not sure why this is not working.

  2. Lindsey says:

    I have followed the steps here, and retrieved all of my lost files… however, now that they are back in Lightroom they are all different… everything is grainy and the temperature is off… any ideas on how to fix this?

    • We Are SO Photo says:

      Hi Lindsey. There must be retouching settings being applied. Select one of the images and go in to the Develop module (top right). Down the bottom right hand side you should see the word ‘Reset’. Click this and see if the image returns back to its original unedited state. Let me know what happens.

  3. Catherine says:

    THANK YOU! You brought me back from the brink of tears!

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