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Sometimes it’s the church, other times it’s the scenery, more often than not it’s the guests or the wedding couple themselves. Whatever it may be, there’s always something on a wedding shoot which lends itself for those potential iconic images. As a wedding photographer, it’s your job to capitalise on these offerings.

Surrey Wedding Photography

During a typical dreary September in London, it was Mother Nature who played a trump card on Anthony and Michelle’s wedding day. We arrived at the reception venue with 30 minutes before sundown. Fortunately for us, the setting was London’s royal Bushy Park, and that half an hour window was presented to us with the most amazing sunset.

These are those moments when you need to step up to the plate. Your wedding clients will only ever look at the final product oblivious to the fact you, as their wedding photographer, had to juggle camera settings (changing by the minute with the fading light), positioning off-camera flashes and lighting, composing the shots, plus posing and interacting with the wedding clients themselves – and rightly so. Afterall, they’re paying you to do this!

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The time spent with the wedding couple is always to most high-pressure period of the day. Not only are you trying to capture the most important images of your clients’ lives – ones which they will review for decades to come, but you’re fully aware that the newlyweds just want to get out of the cold and spend time with their friends and family.

However, for the wedding couple, the cold, the posing and the longing to retreat to the warmth of their reception to be among their guests is soon forgotten and as the photographer you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your job and delivered your promise.

Surrey Wedding Photography

Author – Oliver Pohlmann

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