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The 2015/16 football season only came to a close a few weeks back but with the European Championships keeping us occupied and the pre-season schedule already in full swing, it doesn’t seem like we’ve had a break at all.

However, I’d like to share some of my personal favourite photos from the world of Non-League football in England from the previous season. With over 70 games attended, from National League down to Step six, a whole host of football was captured, and most definitely enjoyed.

I could bore you with the details about where, how and why each photo was taken and what the occasion was… but I feel it’s a moot point. I’ve tried to capture the essence of lower level football in all of my images and hopefully, they can speak for themselves. I’ll just leave you to enjoy.

The photos are in no particular order.

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Author & Photography – Stuart Tree

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  1. Andrew Leggatt says:

    Excellent, well done!

  2. pete waby says:

    Thanks for showing these cracking photos, really enjoyed them. Captures the true spirit of the non league scene.

    I also take matchday photos for teams in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, and know how hard it is to capture the raw emotion etc of the day.

    Thank you


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